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In-House Dog training  

  • Obedience & Protection Training - bite,  
  • You have bought your puppy and he grew up to be a monster.?? What now? You can send your pet to us for Obedience and Protection training. 
  • He / She will stay with us for Between 6 - 8 Weeks.  
  • Our In House trainers,  will train them daily to ensure that your pet will become obedient and will be ably to Protect you and your family. 
  • Cost R 5500 (Training, Food and Accommodation Included) 
  • Holiday training also an option. Combine Kenneling and Training at the same time.  

Accommodation Kennels Large & spacious Safe  Under roof Out of the elements Secure

Kennels and Play pens Large and safe  Happy and playful dogs Clean and neat Open and windy Under roof K9 safety first  Canine Protection & Obedience  Our resident K9 Trainers will teach all new dogs how to become good protection Dogs and insure that all dogs are obedient in the control.