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Fully Trained Canine Hire / Rent a K9 / Dog Purchasing

We provide a Fully trained K9 Dog for your Contracted Service Included a 

  • 3M x2M Kennel
  • Sleeping Box
  • Dog Handling Equipment
  • 25 Kg Monthly Dog Food delivered and  
  • Basic Training of Security Officers 
  • Signing a Rental Contract with Zanmarheim K9 is easy  
  • Zanmarheim K9 is a Accredited Sassetta K9 Dog Training  Centre
  • Our service can also include the training of your Security Officers as DH 1- 4, Dog Handlers  

Cent Detection Canines,  Explosives Detection Dogs, Narcotic Detection Dogs, Canine for detection of Protected & Endangered Wildlife products, Dogs & Handlers Protection Training DH Dog Handlers,  Security Dogs for Hire,  Guarding Services