Zanmarheim Canine and Security Services


Our Prices may change due to Quantity and Breeds

Canine Rental / Rent a K9 Dog


  Al l K9 Dogs are trained in Protection and Obedience

  Kennel included

  German Shepherds


  R 1 900.00 Per month Exl. VAT


Security Guarding Services


  Security Officers

  Dog & Hander

  Security Officers (Guarding services)


  Free site evaluations and Quotations


Cent Detection Dogs


  Explosive or Narcotic Cent Detection Canines

  Protected & Endangered Wildlife products


  R 40 000.00 Excluding VAT


Registered German Shepherd Puppies. Microchip



  Registered with The Kennel Union of South Africa (FCI)



  Puppies provided from our Partner site

  R 6 000.00


In House training


  Your dog is kennelled at Zanmarheim K9 for between 6 to 8 weeks

  Feeding and Care are provided

  Training Disciplines in Obedience

  Training in Personal Protection work. dogs highest achievable

standard We train most Large breeds Working Breeds

  R 5 500.00 Exl. VAT


Tracking Dog, Canine Tracker Training


  Your dog is kennelled at Zanmarheim K9

  Training period - Three (3) Months

  Feeding and Care are provided

  Training Disciplines in Obedience

  Daily training in all facets of Tracking ability


  R 9 900.00


Adult Fully Trained Protection Dogs - Mostly GSD`s


  Pursuing and detaining a suspect who is making off

  Engaging and detaining a suspect who presents a threat

  Guarding and escorting suspects after apprehension

  Defending handler against attack

  Defending other officers against attack

  Protecting members of the public

  Protecting property

  Defending itself against attack


  Between R 25 000.00 Exl. VAT


 SASSETA DH1- 4 Accredited courses


 DH Courses for national security companies

 DH Courses for international government and companies

 Provides certificates of competence

 Safety And Security Sector Education and Training Authority

 Provides SASSETA accredited dog training and dog (K9) handler

courses including: As measured against the Unit Standards

Service dog training

Guard dog training

Attack dog training

Patrol dog training

Personal protection training

Dog obedience training


  R 2000.00 Per DH .


Kenneling: We supply Canine kennelling to Large breeds of Dogs only.


  German Shepherds, Rottweiler's, Belgium Shepherds etc..

  All Large breeds are welcome

  Food included.


  R 80.00 per day



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Zanmarheim Canine & Security Services

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