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ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY is a South African based company that specialises in training of dogs & handlers (DH 1 - 4) and Supply quality trained dogs to the Security Industry   serving our customers both locally and internationally.

ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY have been involved with German Shepherds and Dog training over the last 20 years.

ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY focuses on customers’ specific needs and designs a training intervention accordingly.

Facilitation is done by recognised subject matter experts, who deliver practical information

that allows positive implementation and impact of the Canine and Handler in the workplace.

ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY is in the proses of certification with the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA), the Education Training and Development Practises Authority (ETDP SETA)











Services available:

Canine Security Services & Guarding

Canine Security Specialised Training

SASSETA Trained Canine Provision – Providing Trained Dogs to Security Companies

SASSETA Handler Training (DH 1 to DH 4)

Dog Training – Providing the Best trained Canine to work through all extremes

Exporting of Canines

Canine Directed Training Interventions – Providing Client Specific Courses


ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY interacts with companies to determine their exact need, skills shortages or the outcome the Dog & Handler needs to achieve. Our courses are designed, formulated and adapted where necessary to consider performance and effectiveness.


ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY also assist companies with their own Canine internal developmental capability by designing courseware / instructional material for use by mentors, supervisors, coaches, team leaders and designated trainers within the company or organisation for training purposes.


ZANMARHEIM K9 & SECURITY`s Courseware is uniquely designed to assist Canine divisions in achieving their set objectives in combating crime and ensuring the Dog and Handler team are effective and efficient.

Educational and Industry Standards used as benchmarks and/or governed by statutory

bodies’ specific guidelines are bettered and our coarse design and alignment of our material are above the norm.




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