Quality Trained Canines for the Security Industry

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Let me start from the beginning.

After completing my Military Service, I started with S.A`s Famous Kennel, Wolfhagen (Owned by George Rossam). I became his Chief trainer and quickly moved up in the Sport of German Shepherd Dogs within the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa.   

It is safe to say that : German Shepherd Dogs are entrenched in my Blood.

Here are a short summary of my Positions I held:   

Work Related: 

●Started with Dogs in 1991 (South African National Defense Force Dog School) - Qualified Dog Handler

  I served my military service in the Dog school at the training facility for dogs to be deployed for


●From 1992-1997 at Von Wolfhagen German Shepherds. Management of all Canine affairs.

●From 1997-2000  Amplats (Rustenburg Platinum Mine Dog Division)

  Management of Training, Breeding and supplying Amplats handlers with Trained dogs.      

  Also Studied towards my Security Management 1, Technicon SA         

●From 2000 - 2006  Public Protection Services. (Owned By "Frikkie Van Kraayenburg & George


  Director Canine Services. Handling of all canine affairs, Main Client, Nedbank

● 2006 - 2014 Odyssey Security Solutions Director Operations

  Qualified S.O.B (Security Officers Board) Grade A and Dog and Handler Instructor DH1-DH4

Hobby Related:

● German Shepherd Dog Federation of Southern Africa 

  Qualified National Schutchund Helper- Did four National Schutchund Competitions

  Qualified National Breed Helper-Did six National Breed show Competitions including 2005

  Qualified Breed Survey helper.

  Breeder and Owner of Zanmarheim German Shepherds from 2002

  (Total Winner of the top 20 German Shepherd Federation kennel of 2005)

  Chairman of the Apollo German Shepherd Dog Federation club of South Africa until 2010

  Training Supervisor of Apollo German Shepherd Dog club until 2009

  Chairman of the North Gauteng committee of the German Shepherd Dog Federation until 2008

  Ex-National Breed Supervisor of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of S.A

  Ex-Qualified Tattooist of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa

  I have trained from 1991- 2014 (23 Years) Hundreds of dogs and handlers.

I was fortunate to start my Canine Career in the SA National Defense force , naturally at the Dog Unit until end of 1992.

It was obvious that I had a natural talent with the Canines.

I qualified under "Mr Vic Theunissen" (One of the Best Trainers in South Africa) to be on the "German Shepherd Dog Federation of Southern Africa" Helpers Panel. 

Winners of the "Breeders Challenge at Wodac - World of Cats and Dogs"

After moving over to KUSA in 2008, We competed against the Best of all the Breeds of Dogs within Southern Africa, We won the Best Breeders Group in our First Year of competition. 

We won the BEST Show Kennel of the Federation in 2005 ( That can not be said by Many new Breeders) I even held the Position of the "National Breed Supervisor" Until 2007 and Moved over to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa in 2008 with my Own German Shepherd Kennel "Von Zanmarheim"

2014 we started our own Top Quality Canine Company, To Supply Well trained Quality Canine`s to the Security Industry, Industrial sites and the Home environment. Zanmarheim K9 and Security.info

I also received the National Presidents award from

"Mr Frikkie Van Kraayenburg

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